Hemp wellness for whole body health.

Wellness With Intention


Premium Organic CBD Oil

Harness the power of intention, the benefits of hemp, and quality science.


A new you a few drops away.

Find mind body balance with our premium full spectrum fast acting hemp oil. This delicate formulation is carefully crafted with our organically grown CBD oil, mood enhancing plant terpenes and natural orange flavor for a better way to promote harmony from the inside out.*

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A vapor pen you can trust.

All the good without the bad. We’ve kept things safe and simple with our unique blend of organically grown, broad spectrum CBD oil and naturally derived relaxing terpenes. CALM is lab tested for purity and free of THC, fillers and other harmful chemicals. So breathe in, mellow out and let mother nature do the rest.



Botanical Facial Serum + Hemp

A potent blend of USDA Organic Full Spectrum hemp extract and active botanicals to bring deep hydration to the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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We Believe In More.

Our mission is to encourage, promote, educate and motivate all who seek the potential to feel and live their clearest quality of life. We are more than a health and wellness brand.

Quality by Design

From seed to you, we believe that the quality of a product is a choice. At I AM LABS we choose to take your health as seriously as we take our own, ensuring reliability in the hemp CBD space. We have sourced our products thoroughly and promise you are receiving the highest and cleanest quality. Period.

Farm to You

We believe organic matters, we pride ourselves in formulating with USDA Certified Organic hemp grown in Colorado. Organic is not just a formulation decision but a way of life at I AM LABS. We know the source of all of our ingredients and have the certifications to prove it. #knowYourOil

Verified & Trusted

The more you know, the safer you feel. Our testing facility is ISO 17025 accredited and purpose built for FDA and GMP compliance. All of our products go through a comprehensive testing protocol to ensure: no toxins, no molds, no solvents, no heavy metals. We choose to take your health as seriously as we take our own, ensuring transparency in everything we do.