Good thoughts. Good people. Good Science.

We are nutritionists and athletes relentlessly seeking revolutionary wellness from the inside out. We understand that health is happiness and quality is everything. Powered by intention. Committed to transparency. Rooted in integrity. We are I AM LABS.


Our Theory: What you think about, you bring out.

Our mission is to encourage, promote, educate and motivate all who seek the potential to feel and live their clearest quality of life. We are more than a health and wellness brand. We are about supporting your body so you can have the strength and vitality to thrive no matter what age or stage you are currently in.

From the farm to the lab, we believe that the quality of a product is a choice. We choose to take your health as seriously as we take our own, ensuring transparency and reliability in the hemp CBD space.

Get More From Life.

I AM LABS is focused on providing a community for like minded individuals and those looking to get more from life. Stay up-to-date with us as we build out our I AM THRIVING community. The goal of this community is to provide education, product knowledge and more to the goal health and wellness community. Together we are healthier.